About Shahsavaran mansion

Shahsavaran mansion, a Qajar mansion about 150 years old, whose original owner was Mr. Mohammad Hossein Kazeruni, a well-known merchant of that time, was not only famous in Iran, but also traded in France.

This mansion was purchased by Mr. Mehdi Shahsavarian in March 2010 and renovated using the hotel boutique. The renovation of this magnificent building took two years and now a residential complex with 11 VIP rooms with a capacity of 33 resident guests and 110 non-resident guests in the cafe and restaurant is ready to receive.

This complex has services such as private parking, lobby, laundry, elevator, coffee shop and outdoor restaurant, air conditioning and ….

Shahsavaran Boutique Hotel Rooms


Triple bed (1 double bed - 1 single bed)


Triple bed (1 double bed - 1 single bed)

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Coffee and restaurant of Shahsavaran Boutique Hotel

The coffee shop and restaurant is located right on the roof of the luxurious Shahsavaran mansion and is ready to receive esteemed guests with a calm and pleasant atmosphere with a very beautiful view.

The coffee shop of this complex is ready to serve resident and non-resident guests from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and the Emarat restaurant is ready to serve lunch and dinner to resident guests, and non-resident guests only with prior reservation and coordination. They can use the restaurant. Also, the mansion is ready to hold birthday ceremonies, weddings, conferences and. . . It has a roofed and non-roofed space.

Catering capacity in Shahsavaran coffee shop and restaurant is 110 people.

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